My journey into Latin.

After my first year of Greek, my next step became clear.  I wanted to learn Latin.  But I didn’t want to sit through another year of grammar-parsing.

“I’ll teach you!” exclaimed my professor.  I had mentioned to him that I was considering learning Latin.  As a medievalist in a religious studies department, I was his first Latin student in three decades of teaching.  We duly began working through Collins’ Ecclesiastical Latin.  My Greek – and two years of long-forgotten high school Spanish – has made Latin go by quickly.  Word order still plagues me.


Many would claim I am learning the wrong kind of Latin, or that I should learn Classical Latin first.  But I prefer to read that which holds my interest.  I can always pick up Virgil at another time.

This fall Dr. Macy and I are examining Jerome’s translation of the Hebrew Bible.  Did he get things right?  In the spring we hope to read some Bonaventure.  I am beginning to see the beauty of the Roman tongue.

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