The February 2014 Biblical Studies Carnival is here!

I would set aside a few hours to look at these fascinating blog posts.  Being still a neophyte in the world of scripture, I am interesting in keeping my finger on the pulse of what tech-savvy biblical scholars are talking about.

I didn’t make it in (due to my own cluelessness) but Zwinglius Redivivus linked to me anyway.  Also check out Mosissmus Mose’s rogue biblio-blog carnival, which I DID make it into.


6 thoughts on “The February 2014 Biblical Studies Carnival is here!

  1. hoodie_R (Rod)

    What’s going on, Jonathan!

    Thanks for the link love. I do have plans to bring back the Patristics Carnival. Instead of Monthy thing, I have decided to do something new, and go with the liturgical calendar, starting back up on Easter. I had planned to in December for Christmas, but fell behind. What do you think?

    1. Post author

      Hi Rod! I like that idea. What would you be looking at distinctly that wouldn’t be in the Biblical Carnival? In the spring I am taking a class on early Christian and Byzantine art, and I could do some blogs on that.

      1. hoodie_R (Rod)

        Hi Jonathan,

        I contacted Phil Snider a couple of years ago, and asked him about the Patristics Carnival. Here is his original proposal that I want to stick with:

        Basically posts include:

        “” A. Eligibility
        Any blog entry dealing with an aspect of Patristics included, but not limited
        to textual studies of a patristic writer, translations of the patristic
        writer, historical research on the patristic period, reflections on the
        connections of the Church Fathers to today, influence of patristic authors in
        theological writing (I’m sure there are more categories possible, so, the
        rule is submit or ask and we’ll figure it out as we go.)The final
        determination of the eligibility of a post must rest with the host (I propose
        to do the hosting first)
        Amendment- November 12th [2006] add discussion of Christian Apocrypha”

        I am open to quotes, theological reflections, stories about forthcoming books and presentations on the patristics all the way up before the time of the Catholic and Protestant Reformations.

        So, There you can get a good grasp, also you can take a look around the Patristic Carnivals from Years past, like here: or just google them for other sites to see examples. If you would even like to host a Patristic Carnival after I announce the one for Easter, that would be great too.

        1. Post author

          Thanks Rod! I would be glad to host a Patristics carnival after yours.

          I think one do-able topic would be interviewing my art history professor about her new book. It’s out this month and interviewing her would be a good way to publicize her work too. Here’s the book:

          The manuscript she writes on was published in the thirteenth century; is that too medieval for a patristics carnival?

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