Five days left until the Ancient Languages Blog Carnival!

Submissions for the very first ancient languages blog carnival close at midnight on April 30!  Please, send me your blog posts, here or at  While there will definitely be some overlap with the Biblio-Blog Carnival and the Patristics Carnival, I already have submissions with studies in Qur’anic Arabic.  (And not just my own!)

There is no need for the posts to be current either – feel free to send me older stuff for this first carnival at least.  Although there are some great websites about ancient languages, there seem to be few blog discussions on the topic, and little discussion between those from different disciplines.

As for me, I will be contributing some posts on Homer, with help from my classmates who read the Odyssey with me last quarter!

3 thoughts on “Five days left until the Ancient Languages Blog Carnival!

    1. Post author

      I have several – nothing big but that’s okay, it’s just starting. But if there isn’t enough interest then perhaps there is no need to continue with it.

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