Sunday roundup #5: 5.18.14.

This has been a quiet week in the ancient languages blogosphere.  I only have one link!

I am headed into the final weeks of the quarter now.  So I am more focused on writing papers than on writing blog posts.  But this summer will bring two new developments.  First, I have gathered a reading group for Old English learning, including one of my university’s Anglo-Saxonists.  I hope to read such great poems as “The Wanderer,” “Seafarer,” “The Dream of the Rood,” and of course, Beowulf!  I am also curious how the Bible was translated into Old English.

Also this summer I have been hired as a research assistant for Catherine Murphy’s work to reconstruct 4QXII, a Qumran scroll containing the minor prophets.  In graduate school she worked on that text for the Discoveries in the Judean Desert series, but at the time there were many small fragments which were left unidentified due to publication deadlines.  This summer, I’ll be helping her identify those fragments and digitally reconstruct the scroll.  That should give me something to write about here!

Best of all, I discovered Lectionary Greek, a blog which seeks to find nuggets in the Greek of the lectionary every week.  The most recent post is on Acts 17:16-31.

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