Five Days until Patristics Carnival XXXV!

Hi everyone!

My fellow blogger Rod at Political Jesus has asked me to volunteer to host Patristics Carnival XXXV.  It will be up June 8 for Pentecost — so please get your posts in to me by June 7 so I can include them!  To get an idea of the content, check out Patristics Carnival XXXIV.

The rules are the same as always:

Any blog entry dealing with an aspect of Patristics included, but not limited
to textual studies of a patristic writer, translations of the patristic
writer, historical research on the patristic period, reflections on the
connections of the Church Fathers to today, influence of patristic authors in
theological writing (I’m sure there are more categories possible, so, the
rule is submit or ask and we’ll figure it out as we go).

In this carnival, posts on historical theology prior to the Catholic and Protestant Reformations, articles on these topics, new developments and news, book reviews will all be eligible for this carnival.

To submit nominations for the carnival, place a comment on this post (the reminder for submissions) or email me at JDHOMRIGHAUSEN [at] GMAIL.COM.

In the meantime, pray for me as I go into finals next week in my hopelessly long quarter-system academic year!

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