State of the Projects, April 2015.

Well, I just got a contract for my first book with Oxford University Press.  This book, based on my years of independent research on Jesus’ tour of India and Tibet as a young man, unearths evidence that Jesus also went to China and met the Han dynasty emperor of his day.  I have also just sold the newly-uncovered scrolls that support my theory to the Smithsonian.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Francis and the Sultan

This last month has been a success for my Francis research.  I presented my paper at the American Academy of Religion, Western Region, and got some great feedback.  April is going to be the “dead month” for this thesis.  I am presenting it at the Medieval Association of the Pacific in Reno next weekend, and May 4 I am presenting it on campus.  I hope to have it submitted the first week of May.


I may have mentioned here my work as a research assistant on a critical edition of 4QXIIg, a particularly messy Qumran scrolls of the Minor Prophets.  This last month I have gotten almost nothing done on that project, so this spring quarter I am hoping to log at least 3-4 hours per week.  Also, while I was at the AAR-PNW, I saw on the book display table Erik Reymond’s Qumran Hebrew: An Overview of Orthography, Phonology, and Morphology.  Seeing that gave me the idea to write a paper on the Hebrew variants in 4QXIIg.  This side project would be helpful to our text-critical notes, and I could present it at a regional SBL next year.  This would help me as I progress toward becoming a biblical scholar.


March was a good month for languages.  Between finishing Plato and writing a paper on idolatry and religious alterity in Deuteronomy that required me to translate Deuteronomistic passages, I got a lot of good practice in.  The Plato course in particular refreshed me on a lot of syntax I had forgotten, especially conditionals.  This spring quarter, which just started, I am studying Homer’s Iliad.  This will be my second quarter studying Homer in Greek.

This month I will also be presenting my Gandharan art research at the San Jose State University Art History Symposium, “Between Two Worlds: Syncretism and Alterity in Art.”  Between that and Reno I have an exhausting month ahead.

Onward and upward!

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