State of the Projects, May 2015.

As I entered the spring quarter of my senior year, I thought this would be a light quarter.  I expected I would take a semester off and apply to start graduate school next January.

At the start of the quarter, I spoke with the director of the graduate program to which I am applying and was informed that I should apply NOW, as the program might be restructured or even eliminated this fall.  Yikes!  Between that and the wedding planning, this quarter has turned out to be the maddest I’ve had.  So much for senior year relaxation.

Either way, my application for the MA in Biblical Languages at the Jesuit School of Theology/Graduate Theological Union is in!

Another thing that took more time than I thought this quarter were the public speaking engagements I signed up for.  From February through May, I have given nine talks at various venues, including three academic conferences and a local graduate symposium.  Probably the most exciting was getting to give a keynote speech for the Bay Area Honors Symposium, a research conference for community college students in honors programs.  I spoke on my experience as a community college honors student to over 100 people!  This has been great for public speaking skills, but whew!  I am wiped out.

Francis and the Sultan

This past Monday I turned in my senior paper on Francis and the Sultan, and presented it to my university’s Medieval and Renaissance Studies program.  It feels good to be done.  This summer I am hoping to revise it into a journal article for Spiritus.


I have been surprisingly productive on this project!  I’ve found at least one hour a week to work on this research assistant job.  Right now I am compiling a chart of citations of or allusions to the Book of the Twelve in all Qumran literature.  Tedious work, but given that our project charts textual variants in the Book of the Twelve at Qumran, we want to see how the book varies among Qumran texts.  Yesterday my professor, Catherine Murphy, and I presented the fruits of our labor to the classics department.


Sadly, I’m not getting much Hebrew practice this quarter.  But in my second quarter of studying Homer, my facility and fluidity with Homeric Greek is really growing.  We just finished Book I of the Iliad and are now moving rapidly through Book IX.  Despite three years of Greek, I’ve done almost no Koine Greek, I’ve also arranged to receive some Koine tutoring this summer from The Patrologist.

One month out from graduation!  People tell me they look forward to me walking the stage, but I think at this pace I’ll be crawling!

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