Why I’ve Been So Silent Lately.

…. At least on this blog, that is. In real life, silence is not one of my virtues.

June has been a wild month.

On June 13, Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary by Conceptual Categories was released. Zondervan sent 50 copies to “influencers” around the country — people who teach Biblical Hebrew at universities and seminaries. 10 copies went to academic journals for review. Several more went to bloggers. One professor has already told us he will assign the book for his second-year Hebrew students. We got positive feedback from Michael Halcomb, known for his work in ancient Greek pedagogy.

For several days, we have been, on and off, ranked the #1 New Release in “Christian Bible Language Studies.” Surely many New York Times bestsellers come from that genre. We even briefly hit the 21,000s in the Amazon Best Sellers ranking.

We also got our first public review from biblioblogger Jacob Cerone. He writes:

My only complaint about the guide  is that I didn’t have it at my disposal almost a decade ago when I started learning Hebrew.

Right now, I am devising a virtual book tour, here and on some blogs of friends in the Bible world.

The book came out on a Tuesday. On Saturday, my wife graduated from college—Santa Clara University—with an honors degree in History and Spanish. She won the coveted Redwood Prize in the history department for a paper on Jews’ legal rights (and lack thereof) in the early American Republic.

The next day, we flew out to Florida so I could teach a class on The Saint John’s Bible for the Roman Catholic Diocese of St. Augustine. Essentially I ran through my book material with them. They were an incredibly thoughtful and talkative group, which made my job easy as they got into great discussions on the art. More on that to come.


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