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Homrighausen Publicity Photo jpgJonathan Homrighausen is graduate student in Biblical Studies at the Jesuit School of Theology and Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA, where he focuses on Scripture and interreligious connections between Jews, Christians, and Muslims in antiquity and today.

He is co-author, with J. David Pleins, of Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary by Conceptual Categories: A Student’s Guide to Nouns in the Old Testament (Zondervan).

His second book, Illuminating Justice: The Ethical Imagination of The Saint John’s Bible (Liturgical Press, forthcoming), focuses on the visual exegesis of this contemporary illuminated manuscript of the Bible, deemed “America’s Book of Kells.”

He also serves as Research and Editoral Assistant for Lucinda Mosher of NeighborFaith Consultancy and an Editorial Assistant for Theological Studies.

The banner above is from Word Made Flesh, the frontispiece to the Gospel of John in The Saint John’s Bible.

I am open to doing interviews or giving talks related to my published work. Feel free to email me at jhomrighausen [at] scu.edu. For samples of my work, see my Academia.edu page.

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  1. Paul Nitz

    I couldn’t find contact info and didn’t see a way to reply to your posts except here in About Me.

    In response to your post about Robinson / Vocabulary:

    Voorst is good. But in the end, I have concluded that these strategies in learning vocabulary are ineffective. See my post at…

    Consider adding to your links:

    “Welcome! The Ancient Greek Best Practices Group exists to discuss a language acquisition approach characterized by viewing language as communication…”

    “The Latin—Best Practices Group is for all Latin teachers and students who are interested in applying best practices in language acquisition to their work in Latin….”

    1. jdhomrighausen@gmail.com Post author

      Hi Paul — thanks for the link to the google group! I hadn’t heard of it but I just joined. I agree with you about vocabulary acquisition. Also, flashcards are just boring, and I don’t stick well with things that bore me. I wrote a post about flashcards here:


      Still, I like using Robinson to see how many words share etymologies. I wish I knew of an equivalent volume for classical Greek.

    2. Greg Williams

      I am contacting you here, in response to your mean spirited, derogatory assault impugning Nabeel Qureshi. For someone touted as a ‘scholar’, your acusations , based on presumptions and subjective ‘interpretations’ of Dr Qureshi suggest otherwise. Let me quote you to prove what I am saying: ”He means evangelizing the Gospels of Jesus—an Islamic prophet by the way. For Qureshi, you are either a dishonest Muslim, ignorant of your own tradition—or a good Christian. He conveniently ignores the fact that the majority of Muslims, including all the imams he has rejected, do not interpret the so-called violent verses in the Quran as a call to arms or an absolute command.” Gospels of Jesus??? Are you referencing the supposed ‘injil’? There is but One Gospel, which encompasses the sum total of all the entire OT scriptures that were fulfilled in the Person and work of Christ, and that fulfillment is spelled out in the NT. Calling Jesus an Islamic prophet is absurd. ‘Isa’, is NOT Jesus. Isa is a fictional persona , since, had the human author(s) of the Quran, that is what is left of it, intended to make reference to the Jesus of history and scripture, they would have used the Arabic equivalent, Yasu…not Isa. They would not have plagiarized spurious gnostic writings that they used , equally, as a substitute for the actual narratives of Jesus. Qureshi did not ignore what is not ‘fact’. You may not be aware that the most orthodox sect of Islam is Wahabbi Sunnis, which is the basis for all ‘extremism’….meaning that what many want to hide, is the FACT that the Islam of Muhammad is certainly what ‘radicals’ practice today. Nearly 90% of all Saudis agree that ISIS faithfully represents Islam. You may not be aware that there are numerous Islamic reformers, who admit that Islam is , as written, in its texts, the Quran, ahadiths and siras, in need of being ‘sanitized’, and what is to remain is a very different ideology than orthodox Islam…..essentially less than even 5 Pillars Islam. They recognize that it is the actual texts that produce Salafists, or a desire to RETURN to the pure ractice of Islamic forefathers. Your insulting accuations of Dr Qureshi, and childish nam ecalling, have no place in anything that identifies itself as ‘scholarship’. If you wish to attempt to bridge the dividing issues between Christianity, and Islam, attempting to demonize those that do not share your conclusions, while actually promoting a very skewed view of Islam itself, and especially its scholars, as well as Imams (your references to Imams makes me wonder if you even know the actual function of Imams) is absolutely taking the wrong approach. You come across as biased, self aggrandizing, and myopic in your grasp of the issue as a whole. That said, the real issue now is your extremely unfair treatment of Dr Qureshi, since it comes from an attempt to promote yourself as superior in your grasp of Islam, when I, not remotely a scholar’, know that your understanding is abysmally deficient, just as your assessment of Dr Qureshi reflects no actual knowledge of him personally. Your subsequent insulting , and childish name calling stems from not only a lack of understanding, but a lack of objectivity , fairness, and appears to be agenda driven. That agenda is certainly not truthfulness. My assessment is that you are far too steeped in getting your perspective from Islamic individuals, andsources, who, themselves are more interested in suppressing the real Islam, than uncovering it. Maybe asking yourself where Sharia is derived, would be a start at an honest , truly scholarly , and objective study….and drop the vitriolic polemics.

      1. jdhomrighausen@gmail.com Post author

        Dear Greg,

        Peace be with you. I can only assume that your comment, replying to an article over a year old, is in part responding to Dr. Qureshi’s death yesterday. Although I disagreed with him on his assessment of Islam, I was saddened by his early death, especially in such a painful manner.

        Unfortunately, most of the points in Elijah and my editorial about Dr. Qureshi’s arguments apply to your comment as well. Where, exactly, would one get an understanding of “real Islam” if not from Muslim scholars and teachers? To flip the question: would you seek an understanding of “real Christianity” from someone other than well-known Christian scholars and teachers?


  2. Andrew M. Yates

    Howdy Johnathan, some time ago I compiled the vocabulary of the Hebrew Old Testament and compared frequencies of one book to another- trying to systematically suggest an easy (or at least easier) to difficult order to read through the testament. You commented on a post and suggested that you might be interested in turning it into a PDF for simplicitys sake, were you ever able to do that? Also, best wishes to your studies and (more importantly!) to your new family!

    1. jdhomrighausen@gmail.com Post author

      Hi Andrew — I think I may have started and then left it behind. Do you have the link to your work?

  3. Edith Olivera

    I have just read an article by you in The Scribe, summer 2016, about Donald Jackson’s earlier works. The image, A Christo Crucificado, is especially intriguing and I was curious if you know of anyone who has reprints for sale. I did try googling the book, only to find it’s out of print.

    Any help you can provide (if only a clearer image), would be appreciated.

    Thank you, Edith Olivera

    1. jdhomrighausen@gmail.com Post author

      Hi Edith! I am so glad you enjoyed the article. Working with The Saint John’s Bible has been a real joy, and writing that article was too. I found the book online as a pdf; I can send you a copy if you like if you just send me your email address.
      I am hoping down the road to get more images of Jackson’s earlier work — perhaps he can supply them himself. But I haven’t taken the time to figure out how to reach him directly. (He made his reputation in the pre-internet days — does not have a website!)


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