Illuminating Justice: The Ethical Imagination of The Saint John’s Bible

“Seven Days of Creation” in The Saint John’s Bible

For over a year and a half, I have worked closely with The Saint John’s Bible, the first commissioned hand-written, hand-illuminated Bible since Gutenberg. Though the project commenced in 1998 and was completed in 2011, very little scholarship has analyzed how this Bible (a) reflects contemporary trends in Catholic biblical interpretation, and (b) creates conversations between different parts of the Bible by repeated symbolism in the art.

I am currently under contract with Liturgical Press to write a book examining these two issues. My manuscript is due August 2017!

My first work on this Bible was a paper, “Illuminating Abraham: The Saint John’s Bible and Jewish-Christian Dialogue,” delivered February 2016 at the Conference on Christianity and Literature. I then delivered another paper, “Visualizing Feminist Exegesis: Revelation 12 in The Saint John’s Bible,” at the Catholic Biblical Association. At the same conference I gave a talk for my work at Santa Clara University’s Archives and Special Collections, “The Tactile Text: The Saint John’s Bible and Other Bibles in Santa Clara University’s Archives & Special Collections.”

I have compiled a bibliography of research on The Saint John’s Bible, and have published some smaller materials, listed below. My guest post for Catholic Bibles Blog gives the best overview of the approach I am taking in my book.

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