Based on my experience leading parish-level workshops on the Qur’an and the Bible, introducing hundreds of people to The Saint John’s Bible, and serving as a keynote speaker at a state-wide community college honors student symposium, I am happy to offer the following talks and workshops upon request. Contact me and we will set up an honorarium.

The Saint John’s Bible

I am available to talk on The Saint John’s Bible in varying amounts of time and on a wide variety of subjects. Possibilities include:

  • “Finding God in Art: Introducing The Saint John’s Bible“: broad introduction to The Saint John’s Bible.
  • “Social Justice in The Saint John’s Bible“: focuses on how the art reflects issues such as creation care, feminism, and Jewish-Christian dialogue.
  • An introduction to any individual volume of The Saint John’s Bible.

The Qur’an, The Bible, and Christian-Muslim Dialogue

  • “Reading the Qur’an with Heart and Mind”: based on a presentation I developed for The Chaplaincy Institute in Berkeley, this presentation gives a broad overview of the Qur’an for non-Muslim, interfaith-minded audiences.
  • “Biblical Characters in the Qur’an”: introduces the Qur’an through a comparative reading of the Bible and the Qur’an around biblical characters such as Jesus, Mary, and Noah. Can be an individual presentation or a multi-session class.

Sample Speaking Engagements

A sample of some of the religious education talks and workshops I have given:


  • June 19–23: “Canonical Conversations in The Saint John’s Bible.” Roman Catholic Diocese of St. Augustine, FL, Summer School of Theology.
  • January 22: “Finding God in Art: The Saint John’s Bible.” St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Palo Alto, CA.
  • January [4 sessions]: “Scripture Study: Biblical Characters in the Qur’an.” St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Sunnyvale, CA.



“Jonathan Homrighausen has that rare ability to combine an engaging presentation style, a vivid enthusiasm for the topic, and a down-to-earth approach to his listeners. His lively and informed talks to my classes have always been well received and students go away amazed at the information he presents and the stories he tells. I heartily recommend him as a speaker and teacher!”
— David Pleins, Professor of Religious Studies, Santa Clara University, CA

“Jonathan’s class on the Bible-Quran was the talk of the congregation, even for weeks after. All attendees talked about how much they learned and how wonderful Jonathan was as an instructor.”
— Rev. Salying Wong, Rector, St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Sunnyvale, CA

“Jonathan Homrighausen is one of our best speakers on the Interfaith Speakers Bureau program. He brings to life his subject matter by melding theoretical/academic knowledge with practical experiences in his descriptions of Christianity, and his knowledge of other religions like Islam and Judaism make him an invaluable partner in interfaith conversations and dialogue.  I look forward to his many contributions to Quran-Bible studies among Muslims, Christians and Jews.”
Maha Elgenaidi, Executive Director, Islamic Networks Group (ING)

“I liked Jonathan’s passionate energy on this subject. I appreciated the clarity and resources he offered in this 90 minute session.”
— Student evaluation, Chaplaincy Institute, Berkeley, CA